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Accepting all major international cards
Paykit and MPGS
Mastercard Inc. is the second-largest payment-technology corporation worldwide, providing leading payment services and solutions.

Paykit and Mastercard have officially cooperated to provide comprehensive payment solutions for business of all sizes in Vietnam. Our solution make use of Mastercard Payment Gateway Service (MPGS), a payment platform developed by Mastercard that provide diverse and secure payment methods. Making it easier, safer, and faster for Sellers to accept cashless payments. Our platform aims to help your business expand and reach global customers, as well as providing analytic tools and reports, to help you manage daily transactions more efficiently.

This cooperation between Paykit and Mastercard is an important step toward promoting the future of electronic payment in Vietnam.
What are the key benefits of using Paykit and MPGS?
Accepting multi-channel payments
Our payment solution offers you the flexibility of accepting a large variety of payment methods customers preferred. This includes credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
Seamless integration
Our easy to set up and easy to integrate solution help you simplified your payment process, improves conversion rates and grow revenue.
Advanced security technologies
We protect you and your customer payment data with advanced data encryption technology, EMV Chip security, transaction tokenisation, 3D Secure. Additionally we utilised advance artificial intelligence to constantly monitor and detect suspicious activities for fraud prevention purposes.
Analytic tools and reports
In additional to payment acceptance, we provides you with advance data analytic tools and reports to help you track, analyse, and manage your daily transactions effortlessly.
Paykit and MPGS are committed to continuing to co-operate closely to bring you outstanding payment experiences and promoting the digital transformation of payments Vietnam.